About Unikov

The company UNIKOV Ltd. was established in 1992 under the leadership of Jaroslav Sečka with a simple idea: to build an engineering company producing affordable and high-quality metal furniture for the Czech and foreign markets. That is why the most skilled and trained craftsmen were carefully selected as the first employees – a tradition that our company has maintained to this day.

The numbers speak for themselves!

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The quality of the company’s craftsmanship spoke volumes and UNIKOV quickly established itself on the domestic and foreign markets. Demand was high and therefore the company began to expand rapidly. The original number of 14 employees in 1992 grew into 300 by the year 1994.

Even in difficult times, when most companies preferred quantity over quality and started trading big with China, we at UNIKOV did not relax our standards, which in 2005 ensured us cooperation with IKEA, a partnership that continues to this day.

As a result of this, we were also noticed by the Gazdov family in 2012, which, despite the crisis, bought the company, invested in it, and gave it a breath of fresh air, which we haven’t lost ever since. Thanks to new technologies, we have once again become fully competitive and demonstrated it in 2018 with the VITVAL project, another order for the Scandinavian giant IKEA.

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